Project MESH とは?

シェアに関する本、the meshを読んで感銘を受けた人たちがはじめたユーザー参加型、非営利のプロジェクト

the meshの目指すシェアマインド&シェアエコノミーを普及させ、消費社会からの脱却、環境にやさしい持続可能な社会を日本で作ること。また、それに伴い新たなビジネス機会・雇用の創出を長期的に目指す。みんなでわくわくすることをやる!

1.Social translation (通称ST)




Please join Tasukeai Japan!

March 11th, 2011. A huge disaster of a type that we had never experienced struck the Tohoku and Kanto areas of Japan.

While aftershocks continued and the media broadcasted images of the destroyed cities and reports of nuclear plants over and over again, we who did not suffer reflected on the sorrow and fear among people in devastated areas, and wished to DO SOMETHING for them. (message from TASUEAI Japan)

We, Projectmesh, have been working on several activities since March 11th in order to help those affected by these recent events

1. Tasukeai Japan Facebook page

We wish to save as many lives as possible and establish the foundations of recovery. Working together with Japan’s Cabinet Secretary’s Disaster Volunteer Coordination Office to receive local information, "Tasukeai Japan" is a project that supports volunteer-led relief activities.

Some of Projectmesh’s members are playing a key role in this Facebook set up. Also, we have translated messages from the Facebook page using socialtranslation.
"Tasukeai" means people supporting and helping each other. We are proud that we have this word in Japanese. We ask for many to join in and work together here.

2. Socialtranslation (Translate language with many people using socialmedia)
As I mentioned above, not only projectmesh members but also around 300 translators have translated messages from the Tasukeai Japan Facebook page, providing useful information from Tahiti as well as translated messages from Twitter’s #prayforjapan.
We translate your messages (English, Chinese, Korean, etc.) into Japanese and deliver these messages to people in Japan.Please keep posting your messages to Japan with #prayforjapan and the Tasukeai Japan Facebook page.

3. A Movie of Encouragement

A member of projectmesh kindly made a video of #prayforjapan. The video become very popular and got 300,000 PVs within 5 days!!

This is a 2nd version,(bilingual video)

We are going to make many videos to deliver positive messages to the affected area and need your support now.

Here is the important part: I would like you to join Tasukeai now!

How you can join Tasukeai:
1. If you have a Facebook account, please click the “like” button on the Tasukeai Japan Facebook page.
2. If you have a Twitter account, please tweet to Japan with #prayforjapan
3. If you are a blogger, please write about this blog and the 3 items mentioned above, especially the Tasukeai Japan Facebook page. This is a worldwide community to support Japan.
4.If you are good at singing, please sing a song and post to YouTube and Facebook(sound cloud). Then please let us know at (In this case, please understand that you will grant us permission to use this piece. We will use your content to make a movie.)
5.If you are good at taking pictures or drawing illustrations, please take/draw something related to Japan and post it to (In this case, please understand that you will grant us permission to use this piece. We will use your content to make a movie.)
6. If you are good at making videos, please make a video for Japan. Anything is ok!!

This projectmesh started from one book: “The Mesh”, written by Lisa Gansky. Before we read this book, we were all just one individual person, working alone. But right now, as Lisa mentioned in her book, we are connected and have achieved the synergy of many people working in a group. We have peer to peer power now.

Since March 11, we’ve been encouraged by the kind messages at #prayforjapan, as well as support from all over the world. We sincerely appreciate it!
We really feel that world is one, and that we are connected and are truly embodying The Mesh!

Thanks for Lisa Gansky for supporting this activity and her heartfelt message to Japan, as well as the readers of this blog. Thanks for your kind actions to help Japan!
Let’s join Tasukeai Japan now!

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